ABOUT US (Our services)


The company FIRTAS POLYTECHNIK, s.r.o. has been operating on the market of new machines for processing corrugated cardboard since 1998. Our semi-automatic and automatic die-cutting machines are manufactured under the auspices of our company FIRTAS POLYTECHNIK, s.r.o. and in cooperation with our long-standing and renowned partner in China, by which we have achieved relatively favorable price levels for our customers, but in proportion to the very good processing quality of these die-cutters.

Our company FIRTAS POLYTECHNIK, s.r.o. since 1998, has been working directly with the most renowned producer of these die-cutting machines on the market, BOBST GROUP (Lausanne, Switzerland), at that time we performed dozens of overhauls of these machines for the BOBST company, so we can assess that our current machine manufacturer from China is on really high technical and technological level, in addition, our die-cutters are equipped with SIEMENS brand electronics, which are commonly available in the EU.

Our Services:

From our company FIRTAS POLYTECHNIK, s.r.o. you can expect satisfactory customer service with a long tradition. We are very committed to the most optimal solutions that meet your specific needs. We have an effective service system that ensures a professional and flexible handling of any matter.

1. Technical consultation before sales

2. Selection of the die-cutting machine model

3. Transport, Relocation, Installation

4. On-site commissioning service

5. Operation and maintenance training

6. Software upgrade

7. Service/Maintenance Services

8. Prompt delivery of spare parts

9. Monitoring customer satisfaction

After-Sales Service:

1. FIRTAS POLYTECHNIK, s.r.o. promises that all machines produced by us come with repair & replacement services.

2. The warranty for the machine is 12 months. We provide free repairs of all faults caused by us during the warranty period. However, wearing parts are not included.

3. Whether any quality problems occur in the warranty period, we will reply within 24 hours after receiving your request.

4. FIRTAS POLYTECHNIK, s.r.o. will ensure lifetime maintenance of all parts and regular maintenance of flatbad die-cutting machines.

5. We will solve any quality failure that occurred in the warranty period.

6. We will provide lifelong technical support from the time you use the machine.

7. We will supply normal parts in the warranty period to ensure a better user experience.

8. Parts delivery will be charged after the warranty period.

9. Customers will have to pay all costs for the installation, commissioning, personnel training and technical support.