If you want to achieve full production of processing corrugated cardboard and folded cartons, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, FIRTAS-BETTERCUT Model FP-1650QZ is absolutely ideal and the perfect machine for you. FP-1650QZ is our company's high-speed automatic flatbed die-cutting machine in a large format of 1.650 × 1.210 mm, at a speed of 5.200 sheets per hour with a die-cutting pressure of max. 400 tons, it is suitable for corrugated cardboard sheet from 1 to 9 mm. This machine includes all the experience of automatic flatbed die-cutting machines: It is equipped with a new, wider, quieter and very precise LEAD EDGE FEEDER for maximum speed. Including 18% energy savings thanks to newly calculated curves for more efficient movements and smoother start and stop times. Greater stripping performance and better safety and ergonomics.

BETTERCUT FP-1650QZ / Specification:

Machine type: FP-1650QZ

Max. sheet size: 1.650 × 1.210 mm

Min. sheet size: 650 × 500 mm

Max. die-cutting size: 1.620 × 1.190 mm

Die-cutting pressure: 400 tons

Processable material: 1 mm ≦ Corrugated board ≦ 9 mm

Die-cutting precision: ± 0,5 mm

Max. mechanical speed: 5.200 sheets / hour

Cutting rule height: 23,8 mm

Pressure adjustment: ± 1 mm

Min. front edge (Gripper waste): ≥ 8 mm

Max. frame size: 1.650 × 1.220 mm

Total power: 38,5 kW

Machine dimensions: 8.750 × 3.200 × 2.610 mm (without stage)

Total weight: ~31 tons

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