Our FIRTAS-BETTERCUT Model FP-1650G machine is a very advanced and high-end product of our company, with a speed of 5.500 sheets per hour, which can help our customers achieve high-volume production in a highly efficient manner. FP-1650G uses double servo motor control in the feeding section to ensure very accurate feeding and easy machine adjustment, this structure can effectively prevent corrugated cardboard from being scratched (damaged) during feeding, meanwhile this machine uses the most advanced transmission mechanism technology which can ensure, that the machine runs at a high and stable speed. At the same time, this machine includes all the previous experience with automatic flatbed die-cutting machines: The machine is equipped with a new, wider, quieter and very precise LEAD EDGE FEEDER and complete stripping.

BETTERCUT FP-1650G / Specification:

Machine type: FP-1650G

Max. sheet size: 1.650 × 1.200 mm

Min. sheet size: 650 × 500 mm

Max. die-cutting size: 1.630 × 1.180 mm

Die-cutting pressure: 450 tons

Processable material: 1 mm ≦ Corrugated board ≦ 9 mm

Die-cutting precision: ± 0,5 mm

Max. mechanical speed: 5.500 sheets / hour

Cutting rule height: 23,8 mm

Pressure adjustment: ± 1,5 mm

Min. front edge (Gripper waste): ≥ 10 mm

Max. frame size: 1.660 × 1.210 mm

Total power: 37 kW

Machine dimensions: 9.200 × 3.200 × 2.550 mm (without stage)

Machine dimensions: 11.200 × 5.560 × 2.550 mm (incl. stage) 

Total weight: ~38 tons

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